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How Do I Apply?

To receive the fastest turn around time on your application, you may apply online.

Does It Cost Anything To Apply

Applying with Advance Care is free, and there is no obligation to use your account if you are approved.

How Long Will It Take To Get Approved?

When you apply online, instant credit decisions are available. Certain applications may take 24 to 48 hours.

Are There Any Prepayment Penalties?

No. As long as you make your minimum monthly payments as required, you can pay your balance off at your own pace. You may pay the balance as quickly as you like or take as long as necessary.

What Is The Maximum Amount I Can Be Approved For?

You can be approved for up to $25,000 or more with excellent credit.

What Will My Interest Rate Be After The Initial Interest Free Period?

Your interest rate and terms are based on your own individual credit history as well as your current financial situation. The better your credit, the better interest rate and terms you are likely to receive.

Can I Use My Card For Other People In My Family Or Just Myself?

Once you are approved you may choose to use your card for other members of your family.

What If My Credit Is Not Perfect?

If you have experienced credit challenges in the past, Advance Care will work diligently with you to provide you the best opportunity for approval. Utilizing a co-signer is always a good option if you feel your credit is damaged.

What Are The Minimum Requirements?

You must be at least 18 years of age, must not have filed for bankruptcy in the last 5 years and not have been sent to collections in the previous 3 years. Your monthly income must be at least $1,500. These are the minimum requirements for approval with Advance Care. If you do not meet these minimal requirements you may wish to consider utilizing a co-signer.

Who Do I Call If I Have Questions?

For questions about financing your medical treatments with Elument, reach out to our team at 615-560-8742.

Contact Advance Care at  1-800-432-9470 for questions concerning your card or account.


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