Exciting News from Elument!

We are thrilled to share that Robert DeSalvo, one of our esteemed therapists at Elument, was recently interviewed by the news to shed light on the transformative world of psychedelic therapy. As a leading Nashville therapist, DeSalvo specializes in ketamine-assisted therapy, a cutting-edge approach that has shown remarkable results.

At Elument, we prioritize the well-being of our participants. Before embarking on this journey, individuals undergo thorough medical and psychological screenings to ensure that ketamine treatment is the right fit for them. Once administered, participants are carefully monitored throughout the process.

What sets our approach apart is the integration of talk therapy sessions after the effects wear off. DeSalvo explains, "We’re able to work on the trauma often in a more relaxed, comfortable way. We’re able to get around or reduce blockages that can often prevent healing and growth. I see them work through things that have, you know, really affected them for a lifetime."

This interview highlights the incredible work happening at Elument and the positive impact of psychedelic therapy on mental health. Stay tuned for the full interview on our blog, where we delve deeper into the insights shared by Robert DeSalvo and the transformative experiences our participants undergo.  #ElumentTherapy #PsychedelicHealing #TransformationalTherapy

--Watch News Report Here: https://www.wsmv.com/2024/01/11/tennesseans-turn-psychedelics-mental-health-help/

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